Plain garza grossa tie - black
Plain garza grossa tie - black

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Plain garza grossa tie - black *Required step

Construction: 3 folds unlined with handrolled edges

Width: 8 cm (3 inch)

Lenght:  150 cm (59 inch)

Fabric: 100% silk grenadine

Interlining: 100% wool

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Currently made by only two weaving factories in Como, the grenadine is exclusively realized with ancient shuttle looms often still made from wood, driven by expert hands with an age-long experience in weaving. The peculiar transparency of the fabrics, both solid and with relief drawings, make them light and suitable to be worn on suits or casual outfits.

Completely handmade in our manufacture nel South Salento by our skilled tailors, the unlined tie is hand-hemmed with extreme attention to all the details that makes it of excellent quality. Untipped ties are those where the back of the blade tips have not been closed with fabric and It wears light and comfortable while meeting the needs of the modern gentleman.

3 folds
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