Biagio Santo's distinctive, handmade, men's accessories are products of excellence. Since 1972 the dedication has remained unchanged. Even the girls who in the early years came to us offering their services, are still with us and they have become indispensable due to their professionalism. Daughters of Salento, land of seamstresses and tailors, of patient embroiderers, used to constant hard work, similar to working the land, on which the economy of this area was primarily based in those years. Thus, thanks to them, rigorous attention to detail is maintained and sartorial practices are followed throughout all stages and in the required time.


Today, some of those girls still work for Biagio Santo. All together we look to the future without forgetting past times, such as the first important business collaborations with North America or the British customers who sought original Italian prints. We have always worked together, overcoming the hard times, like at the end of the 1990's, when we had to revise our plans and downsize our projects, returning to traditional manual methods. Today, research for a new style is based upon careful fabric selection, not caring about quantities but consecrating the quality of our work. Biagio Santo's employees are not just workers or production units, but men and women with their own personalities, with their strengths and weaknesses: Tina, Amelia, Berny, Luigi, Giuseppina and all the others, without which it would be impossible to continue to write the pages of our story. We autograph all our products with our heart, because they recount stories and lives, authentic handcrafted products, Made in Italy. Our hands caress the fabric before turning it into a Biagio Santo necktie, like a bud before flowering into a lily.

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