models and fabrics

models and fabrics

All our products can be defined 'bespoke', because production only begins after our customers make their order and have specified their preferences. We are happy to satisfy the varied requirements of our customers, making every item produced unique. Here nothing is imposed or left to chance: width of the blade, length, weight of the interlining, type and colour of finishing, the initials to be embroidered are agreed with the customer thus paying homage to his taste and style.

Three fold tie

The Three Folds tie is the classic silk hooded tie, in tone or in contrast with the front of the tie.

Six fold tie

The Six fold tie is precious owing to the fabric, and the longer realization times required in comparison to the traditional three fold tie. Opening the tie is similar to a flowering bud, revealing it's folds and the patterns of the fabric.

Seven fold tie

Seven fold tie always made un-lined with edges rolled and hand sewn. The seven fold tie is a small masterpiece of origami, where skill and precision in making the folds is fundamental.

Unlined ties

Unlined ties made from fabrics such as linen and mogador for the summer collection, and cashmere and wool for the winter collection.

Bow tie

Bow tie hand sewn with personalized stitches as per customer requirements. Made in different styles and sizes according to customer taste.

Pocket square

Entirely hand rolled edges following the client's measurements, can be embellished with customer's initials.


Ceremony giving a touch of class to special occasions, with the possibility of customizing items.

Double face tie

Double face tie offers the possibility of having one tie with two different patterns, the client is free to choose preferred combinations.

Quad tie

The Quad Tie is very similar in construction to the Double face tie, but with the difference, unique in our field, that it has four sides and therefore four different patterns. One sole tie for four different occasions.

Our collection of fabrics seeks to unite a classic taste with elegance. The fabrics undergo a long and delicate process rendering them valuable. We are always looking for special weaves or precious fabrics which reflect the know-how and the good taste of Italians.

Handmade scarves

Our scarves are manufactured with traditional shuttle looms of the 1940's, jealously guarded and kept in operation by Salentini artisans. The looms working warps of flax woven into silk onto items for the warm seasons, upon warps of pure merino wool woven into pure cashmere for winter items. They are unique and exclusive items which require long production processes, as they are then hand finished and carefully examined inch by inch to ensure a flawless long lasting item.

Printed silk

Exclusively hand printed, with etching or chemical corrosion techniques, by historical Italian and British printers upon bases of satin or twill.

Silk jacquard

Precious silk fabrics made in Como Italy, leaders for decades in the field of textiles and up-keepers of ancient traditions from where to draw inspiration for today's collections. Created by jacquard looms ensuring the fabric an exclusive and unique weave.


Cashmere a noble and precious fabric, soft to the touch, for a demanding and refined clientele, made with traditional shuttle looms exclusively by Italian artisans.


Grenadine is a classic open weave fabric produced on traditional Italian shuttle looms by historical weavers of Como.

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