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Herringbone 3 folds cashmere tie -...
Herringbone 3 folds cashmere tie -...

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Herringbone 3 folds cashmere tie - Purple *Required step

Untipped 3-folded 100% pure cashmere tie with hand rolled edges

Construction: 3 folds unlined with handrolled edges

Width: 8 cm (3.15 inch)

Lenght:  150 cm (59 inch)

Fabric: 100% cashmere

Interlining: 100% wool

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Completely handmade in our manufacture nel South Salento by our skilled tailors, the unlined tie in pure cashmere is hand-hemmed with extreme attention to all the details that makes it of excellent quality.

Noble fabric that only a few mills are able to produce for its extreme delicacy and refinement. It is at the top of the range and every man of good taste should have cashmere ties in his wardrobe. Our cashmere is made with shuttle looms by italian artisans with designs and colors selected by Biagio Santo.

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