my story begins

My grandmother, a simple woman rigorous and essential, just like her lilies which today symbolize my work. I have stolen determination and tenacity from my grandmother, two qualities which have never abandoned me, not even during the hardest moments of my life. In the 1960's l left my country to emigrate abroad, in search of fortune and new experiences, but my youthful enthusiasm for my old job never really abandoned me. It was a chance meeting with a tie manufacturer in Milan that led to a professional collaboration, and which re-awakened my passion to pick up needle and thread and begin sewing a new phase of my life. I was no longer alone, l had my wife by my side, who with the determination that characterizes her, helped to rekindle the flame for my old job, and convince me that my tailoring skills were a key resource for creating unique neckties back in our hometown. This would later reveal the future: and l see my four sons working alongside me with the same enthusiasm as when l was a young boy.