first experiences

Punctually, day after day, my patience and precision grew, because my goal was to achieve the meticulous and painstaking perfection of my master. Distractions and free time were very rare, but such was the passion and desire to learn that l wasn't aware of any self-sacrifices or disappointments. My hands became a tool for small great works, alluding to the emotions of my heart whilst my anxious eyes saw the fruits of all my sacrifices. I remained however a young boy. As soon as it was possible l would return to my grandmother's house, where a gentle caress was always waiting for me. Being young and physically strong l was always ready to help my grandmother, l would fetch the water for her from the nearby fountain. I was enchanted by her garden with all it's typical aromatic plants, mint, rosemary and sage. She tended her flowers with passion in order to forget the hardships and sufferings of her past; but the thing that gave her the greatest pleasure was seeing her lilies flower. This is one of the clearest images l have of my youth, my grandmother's lilies flowering in the spring time.